This is the fastest growing category in outdoor spaces. Homeowners are discovering the joys of cooking outside in areas smartly appointed for that purpose.

Built-in grills, under-counter refrigerators and sinks bring the convenience of the kitchen outside and are an amenity that will add resale value to your home. Similarly, the outdoor dining area has become much more elaborate than patio dining of old, often incorporating outdoor fireplaces or water features.
When done successfully, a well-equipped outdoor kitchen and eating area will become the new center of your outdoor entertaining, the heart of your backyard experience.

While they don’t require as much an investment in infrastructure as other backyard projects such as pools, outdoor kitchens require as much, if not more, intelligent planning. The grill and other features need to work ergonomically for ease of use.

Furthermore, outdoor kitchen construction can be tricky as it requires the coordination of several trades: plumbing, electrical, gas, masonry, etc.
Think of us as your outside kitchen/eating area planner and contractor. We’ve designed and installed these for close to 30 years, with plenty of referrals from happy outdoor chefs.

This portfolio is but a small sampling of the work we have done; let it be a springboard to your imagination.

This outdoor kitchen/eating area takes on the form of a sham ruin, complete with a working, walk-in fireplace.
Another view shows a fully appointed kitchen with grill, refrigerator, warming drawer and sink.
Patterned concrete does a very good job passing off as bluestone, enhanced by this real brick and bluestone built-in grill.

Diners at this table enjoy the sounds of a grand fountain.

This outdoor eating area is connected to the house with sliding set of glass doors, literally bringing the outside in.
A simple run of counter with grill, warming drawer and refrigerator.
With granite countertops and cabinetry, built-in grills can have as much character as their indoor kitchen counterparts.
A cooking area handy to both the house and outside.
A roll-down screen protects this cabana kitchen area when not in use.
A classical pergola strongly defines this outdoor eating area.
Teak furniture lends warmth to this dining area.
The Delaware River makes a serene backdrop to this formal eating area.
This grill and firepit area was sited in the shade of a large existing tree, keeping the area comfortable during the hottest part of the day.
A cabana houses this dining space, adjacent to the swimming pool.